Match Thread Liverpool v Everton : Sunday 24th April 2022 : Kick Off 4.30pm

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Richarlison playing on the left and pinning TAA back has to be the approach with Gordon on the right having a running battle with Robertson.
At Chelsea in December, Gordon and Reece James were going at it hammer and tongs all match and I thought Anthony came out on top…I think James is a very good player but Gordon had him rattled particularly in the second half.


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There were tickets for the United game on sale only a few hours before, but most fans weren't able to get them as they didn't have enough credits.

Yet, the RS have already drawn up plans for the Kop to be extended even further once the Anfield Road is complete, which will go over Walton Breck Road.

They're building a hotel soon too - but they artificially won't put tickets on general sale as they want to maintain those high prices based on prestige.
I remember a few years ago looking at their website, to see whether they,d sold out and they hadn't, I was amazed tbh. In recent years it's struck me that the RS aren't that well supported really in terms of match going supporters. I knew loads of people who easily got tickets for the league cup final.l, same with the semi final last week. It always puzzled me how RS who rarely go the match, somehow get tickets to big games they are always floating about. The thing about the local RS, is that only a small percentage of them are match going fans. As all Scouse Everton fans know a lot of the local RS know nothing about football, they come out for the big games, however when the RS are doing badly or it's not an major game they're nowhere to be seen. The RS were always the club of people, whose father's weren't interested in football or maybe their father was absent. The number of match going RS I know is very small really compared to Blues.


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We have played them being higher in the league, we have played them in better form, in worse form, lower in the league.

Maybe being at the bottom is where we will Crack it
It’s football. Anything can happen even if it seems totally unlikely
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