Match Thread Liverpool v Everton : Sunday 24th April 2022 : Kick Off 4.30pm

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roy vernon

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Anthony Gordon as MOTM for me. I said earlier in the season that I thought he had a good chance of making it. I'll revise that now, he will definitely make it, he will be a good premier league player for sure, but, his ceiling is very high. He is still very raw and his decision making needs to improve, but, his touch is excellent and he has a great burst of acceleration, he is also an aggressive type of a lad. I really think he can go all the way if he applies himself, unfortunately, I'm not sure if it will be with us. If we go down and stay down for a couple of seasons, I think we would find it difficult to hold on to Gordon.

I thought Mykolenko was very good again as well, he seems to grow into the team with every game. It was disappointing to lose by two goals today, but, Liverpool have destroyed many better teams than us this season and if we had shown the fight and desire that we showed today in a few of our other games, we would not be in the position we are at the moment.


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I do believe there is various narratives in which entertainment over arch the actual sport of football in the EPL. One was to have current top two being able to win title on last day of season, have them neck and neck as long as possible is good for user content excitement etc. Also, Newcastle once new owners were confirmed was important to keep them in the league. Now for us we are out of these narratives, so the remaining fixtures should officiated with some fairness again.
Yeah, spot on. That's basically what I meant. As tempting as it is to believe that the refs / EPL are out to get Everton specifically, I think it's just much more likely that they're simply doing whatever they can to keep it close at the top for the good of "entertainment," and we are easy to pick on in the course of making that happen, because we don't really fight back as a club. So when we come up against those teams, we just get used as a footstool, because we can be.

That's my hope too: that now that most of the rest of the teams we play aren't involved in all that (save Chelsea and potentially Arsenal, depending on how the rest of the season goes), maybe we'll just get ignored the rest of the way and treated more evenly, like any other non-Sky-6 club. We won't be "in the way" for the "big boys" any more.

Of course, I could be wrong, and we could just continue to get hosed by the officiating week-in-week-out. Who knows?


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He should question this as match fixing.
I’m guessing he didn’t because he’s been in football all his life and knows the match wasn’t fixed. We managed one shot on target in 90 minutes. Yes it was an encouraging rearguard etc etc but we lost because they were smarter than us in a couple of key moments. It’s gone, we have to take that spirit into the next six, but we didn’t do enough to get a point there if we’re brutally honest
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