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Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Adam-GOTTV, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. Adam-GOTTV

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    [Listen] How does Moyes feel now?

    Adam and Mikey Fitzgerald (from the forum) returned to the topic of David Moyes on Sunday morning and chatted about how Everton fans remember Moyes' time at the club.

    Among other topics, they pondered whether Farhad Moshiri would have kept Moyes around, if he [Moyes] ever regrets leaving, and what the future holds for Everton's second longest serving manager after going into freefall since leaving Goodison.

  2. BiggyRat

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    World Football forum surely?

  3. Walken

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    probably feels rich
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  4. tommye

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    Mikey chats bubbles. #swerved
  5. 4737carlin

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    Feels embassrssed that we believed that Martinez would be good enough to replace him and annoyed that the fruad undid all his hard work
  6. efcste97

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    Martinez is a better manager than Moyes, don't care what anyone says.
  7. Florin

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    He was a better manager for one season (which was arguably still somewhat influenced by Moyes' coaching), Moyes had some sort of consistency at least
  8. Gwladys Nights

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    Not even that. He had one season as good as several that Moyes had, though not as good as either 04/05 when we came 4th or 08/09 when we were FA Cup runners up. Also he was largely using Moyes' team, though he did make some good additions which I give some credit for.

    Be funny/tragic if he wins the World Cup next year while Moyes languishes in unemployment, arguably the laughing stock of World football.
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  9. This is not a factually inaccurate statement

    I also chat "wham", "bobbins" and "kale"
  10. Stuartisitc1878

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    absolutely. As soon as Martinez put his stamp on that defence the team began to sink quicker than the titanic. Make no mistake Roberto would have taken us dangerously close to relegation had he stayed.
  11. tommye

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    If it's any consolation I still masturbated vigorously
  12. gerryandtheRedhaters

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    Imagine if he becomes the new manager just as we move into BMD..........please no.
  13. ijjysmith

    ijjysmith Calm

    Can someone confirm to me if @Mikey_Fitzgerald says 'Van Dijk' in this at any point before I listen to it?
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  14. bignev23

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    Prob made more money since leaving us than the rest of his whole career put together so I doubt he has many about regrets leaving us. He had absolutely no chance of getting us competing at the very top again regularly on the budget he had during his tenure and he did a good job with what resources he did have but he went up his own arse after being sought after by Alex Ferguson and was like a love struck schoolgirl for Man utd with that big daft cheesy grin on his face all the time but once he'd been fingered, bummed, used and dismissed by them his persona became so dour it was clear he was on his way down and heading for the scrapheap of Scottish football.
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  15. Adam-GOTTV

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    So do any of you think Moshiri would have binned him if he came in when Moyes was manager? Let's say United never happened and he did another few years of getting us top ten... Thoughts on how that would have gone?
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