Match Thread Leeds v Everton : Tuesday 30th August 2022 : KO 8pm

Everton Man of the Match

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Blue Jk

Player Valuation: £950k
That’s a good away point at any other point in the season other than where we’re at. 4 games unbeaten and should’ve nicked it from Patterson.

The Gray offside is farcical, no different than Rashford yet different outcome.


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…..can’t fault this set of players for attitude. Terrific set-up by Lampard which is very encouraging given what was at his disposal.

Lots of pluses, we have a terrific defensive RB who ironically looked more of a threat playing in a conventional back 4. Signs of a partnership with McNeil who might not be everybody’s cup of tea but he put in a right shift cutting out numerous crosses. His manager will be delighted with him & I think he’ll be better with proper forwards to hit.

I’m going for Onana as MoM. I have to remind myself that he’s just 21 with very few games in his career, he’s in a new country, a new league, new teammates and he plays with such maturity. £30m could be a steal.


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Look in the form Leeds were in that's actually a decent point, plus it was a very good defensive performance in my opinion. It's a testament to our recruitment this Summer though that each of our signings were among our best players today and all looked very good. I'm delighted with Tarkowski and Coady at the back, Patterson grows with every game, same with McNeil thought he was very good today up and down the pitch and Onana looks immense in midfield already.

What I would say is if I were Allan, a Brazil international who's played for a great Napoli side and Andre Gomes, Portugese international who's played for Barcelona, I'd be disgusted with myself looking on from the bench watching Tom Davies give that sort of performance and not being able to even sub on for him, nevermind get in the team ahead of him, he's awful and what does that say about them. I hope with Gana and hopefully Garner or Dendockner coming in it'll mean the end of the three of them having Everton careers.


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Well that was Lampard saying 100% "the bench is a pile of crap"

That was a far better point than the Brentford one, we should have won that tonight.

Gordon excellent, Iwobi excellent, Onana excellent, Mcneill defensively was excellent but Patterson was motm, fantastic performance from.the kid
Yep, whilst we are all desparate for our first win, the performance of theteam in these first 5 games has been head and shoulders above the dross of last season.
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