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Our best half of the season. Very impressive. Let's build on it in second half and don't let them back in. Cant believe how we have out-competed them in midfield. Doucs and gomesshh have been excellent. Gylfi has been good and done a great job sitting on Phillips. Coyb's.


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So we're back on the Everton rollercoaster. And let's face it, I reckon the second half could be as topsy turvy as that first half was to our conceptions of where we are. Here's hoping we go on and seal this now and avoid slowly sinking back into our own penalty box as the match progresses. I want to see us seize this now, not fear it. A third and we can relax because this Leeds team are nuts. Anything still possible here.


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Got to be honest I was not expecting that! 0-2 at halftime, the manager called the team out for work rate and desire after the last match and so far they have answered him. In a great position now we just need to keep going but the game is being played at an almost relentless pace.
Also that new pitch is pooh, the players are sliding all over the show.
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