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Jim Hopper

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Carlo criticises the squad for not having any spirit the other day, what does he do? Goes and plays two of the worst culprits in the side for not fighting and showing spirit in Gomes and Sigurdsson. We will never learn or change.


Potato Multi .... Soon
i don't blame him for going uber defensive again and playing slow pokes gomes and sigurdsson

he wants to keep things tight at the back and nick the win on a counter or a set piece

its understandable given the lack of quality in our squad

allardyce would have done the same


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Its a well balanced team. I'm not happy with Sigurdsson playing but if he's furtherst forward of the 3 midfielders he is at least in his best position. That bench gives us some game changing options.
Only thing i can think of is that Carlo wants a quality bench so he can change the game, unlike last week. Not many teams have a player as good as James on the bench. Maybe he is not quite full match fit. Anyway, lets get him subbed on now before the match kicks off please boss man. lol

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