Leave the ground empty on Monday night

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Baines' left foot

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Kopite behaviour, all these suggestion.

Next we’ll be marching up Spellow Lane with some knob wearing a Rafael mask and dressed as the Pope leading us.

Kopite behaviour eh. We definitely don’t want any of that.

Anyone remember Jags’ screamer when we got that draw? Oh what a night that was.

Oh and remember when they signed Lambert and we signed Eto’o ahahhahahahahah! Read it and weep kopites lol


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The people running the club hate being questioned. Kenwright has instilled a mentality that tells the fans to be grateful for what they've got. Expect any protest to be met by the likes of Sharp being wheeled out to say it's not helping.


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Turning our backs at 27 is a good idea, then I can finally spit all over the guy who sits behind me each week and projects saliva into the air every time he shouts.
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