Leave the ground empty on Monday night

roy vernon

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If the fans turn their backs on the game at 27 minutes, that should get the point over, as the Sky commentary team would have to explain to their audience what was happening, and why.


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Met a cracking Blue last night, I had 2 separate seats in Lower Gwladys and was with my lad, right at the back(we have to take what we can get!), wanted to be sat near him and the seat next to him was empty But I had a cracking seat near the front myself and said to the fella who eventually arrived to take his seat, would he prefer to be near the front and he says "No, I Only sit here so I cant see the pitch :) !" Quality. He did take me up and I'm grateful that he did.

If you are on here fella, cheers fellow Blue, that's what it should be like, united(sorry) Blues after a common cause, a winning team who play enjoyable footy and competing and getting on with fellow Blues.

Cant see it being that way for a while, lots of infighting and division around us last night.

whatever takes place needs to done with a bit of class, turning backs, total silence and maybe not even turning up until 27 mins past kick off are all good shouts but is it kopite behaviour?

still better than hurling bottles and Pitch invasions although i did have visions of a Nyarko moment myself!



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Some people may remember from some of my older posts that I live in Nantes and I go to most of the FC Nantes games. The fans have been protesting against the owner for a while. The latest form of protest is to be totally silent and sitting when the players come onto the pitch and for the first 5 mins or so. Literally no sound. It's eerie. Then after 5 mins they'll unfurl a banner against the owner and start to get behind the team.

We should do that, esp on Monday when the Sky cameras are there
German teams used to stay outside for the televised rb leipzig games, when coverage started empty stadium for the tv then theyd come in, match should be stopped in 27th minute somehow peacefully whether with tennis balls on pitch or similar.


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Live on sky . we need to leave a message so everyone talks about it . Leaving the ground as a empty as possible is as good as anything I can think of.

Im not going to be there but id suggest match goers turning their backs on the 27th minute en masse.

At the end of the day most people will feel that they paid for tickets and wont want to miss any of the game.

But a couple of mins standing with backs turned sends a message.


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I don’t expect to be called “scab” simply for supporting my team.

That kind of personal abuse runs contrary to the spirit GOT has tried to instill on this site over the years.
To be honest though mate, regardless of what I think of various methods of protest, if you’re going to dismiss well-intentioned fan attempts to enact change and improvement, it would be worth you putting your own suggestions forward for criticism or piping down. Otherwise you’re just being an antagonist.


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Didn't think I'd get to a point where I'd turn my back on Everton, but ultimately that's what happening top to bottom at the club.

This isn't Everton, and the Everton I've grown up with haven't won a thing so I should be immune to it. However this squad since Roberto was sacked, has stooped lower and lower, not an ounce of individual professionalism in any of them.

It's cliche to say the shirt should mean something to them, it really doesn't have to, play for personal pride for all I care, bit we're filled with gutless cowards [Player, board, the lot] who've collectively stripped the identity of Everton away.

I'll happily turn my backs on them, they've already turned there backs on us.

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