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Just had this thought............

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Tennessee Blue Mike

Player Valuation: £70m
Reading a bit on News now a minute ago and became bothered by a rumour and I'll try to provide a link in a moment. It said this......
Everton rumour mill: Ibisevic and Bent targetted, Yak linked with exit, investment latest - Liverpool Daily Post.co.uk

Now could this be to far fetched and what I'm on about is the Yakubu exit and the Bent entry a swap of sorts. With Appy Arry the new Spurs #1 he has always said he loved Yak and he had to deal him off because of the money situation at Pompey when he let Boro grabbed him. Defoe is his next target but he couldn't get him in this window so could this be a factor if Yak is down in the dumps on how we are doing this year.



Player Valuation: £70m
It depends how we progress this season, if we struggle then I wouldn't blame Yakubu for looking at other options. He's a top quality striker and he won't want to stay at a sinking ship like Everton.

I think he likes it here though, he has friends and he's appreaciated by most of the fans. Moyes seems to get the best out of him aswell.

If we keep progressing and improve I'm sure he will stay. People make him out to be a mercenery, unfairly in my opinion. He's an ambitious player and he wants to play at the highest level possible. He's very capable of playing at any level.

Tennessee Blue Mike

Player Valuation: £70m
Thanks ToxethBlue that make me feel a whole lot better. On his day he can blow the socks off most defenses. I am hopeful that he gets on track and starts enjoying his game and at the same time bringing this team back up the table.


Player Valuation: £20m
If Yakubu is angling for a transfer out of Goodison Park then football may aswell roll down the shutters and call it a day . Modern footballers dont seem to be able to knuckle down and have a go at making things work when they meet abit of difficulty . We have all been homesick or struggling with a new job but we didnt chuck the towel in we [Poor language removed] got through it.

Makes my blood boil .


Player Valuation: £70m
Yakubu quit middlesrbough because we were in Europe and they werent, so i would expect he would quit Everton to go to Tottenham for more money.

I wouldnt be happy about it...atall...but i think Bent is a good striker...anwe we would be fortunate to have him...However he is similar to Saha (imo) so its really depends how Saha progresses.


Player Valuation: £70m
Yakubu quit Boro because they where [Poor language removed] and he wanted to improve, it's called progressing as a footballer.

He's a very good player. He's worked his way up from the Championship, to battling relegation, to midtable and now he's at a Uefa cup club. If we don't match his ambitions then he could leave as could a number of players.:(

We'll see what happens. Some of the players won't want to stay if we underachieve and throw everything away everytime we have a good season. That's life I'm afraid.

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