Confirmed Signing Josh King

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Player Valuation: £70m
I don't think we will be spending a lot of money to sign a striker to act as cover for DCL and Richarlison but at the same time we do need cover there.
Josh King will not cost a lot of money because he has only a few months on his contract, Milik will be able to sign a contract with a premiership club in a few weeks time. We are not going to spend 40m for a reserve.
CA will have Tosun fit for a couple of months and can make a decision on him.

I can see us spending more money on signing a wide right sided player and probably somebody with a lot of pace to replace Walcott and offer something different to JR.


Player Valuation: £750k
DCL Richarlison Tosun Simms for one central striking position until January. What’s the problem?

The issue comes when taking Richarlison out of the LW position and replacing him with Iwobi/Bernard, neither are goal scorers and I’d be worried we would become too reliant on the striker to score all our goals.
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