Transfer Rumour Jesse Lingard

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Player Valuation: £2.5m
Supposedly. He’ll get mega $$ because he has name recognition. He’s effectively choosing to end his international career prospects if he goes that route though.
Wouldn't hate it tbh. Would be good for MLS, which I selfishly want to see grow so I can drive up to DC and see great games.

Between this and Bale, it could be a fun time to follow MLS.


Player Valuation: £15m
He needs to concentrate on getting a club rather then dancing around America on TikTok. There’s a decent player in there but he is probably one of the most irritating footballers through celebrations etc that there is along with the likes of pogba

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Don’t really understand the eye roll. He does…

100% predicated on the fact he was/is at Utd, was a bit part International and had two little purple patches in a sea of mediocrity. Before his stint in London, his avg was 1 in almost 8, as an attacking mid/winger...barely above Anthony Gordon's first full season. If he has a "name", it's not well-earned for a career on the pitch.

He's just another poster boy for what's wrong with football.

Ribery was a name, Robben was a name. This squad-filler of a footballer? Nah. But it's just an opinion.
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