Confirmed Signing James Tarkowski


Player Valuation: £70m
That wasn't just because of the centre halves though, that's the point. Burnley play a defensive system where they don't leave gaps and everybody is well drilled in the plan because they've been doing it every week for the last 5/6 years. Our centre halves were changing partners, formations, managers etc every 5 minutes and had no protection from their midfield, it's just impossible to compare that way.

As i've already said (and should be obvious to anyone who watched Burnley as much as you apparently did) them being solid defensively and toothless in attack isn't a coincidence, it's directly linked to how they play and has been their MO for years. Worth noting that even then, Tarkowski has been a mainstay in defence that has conceded more than that 'crazy' 66 in a season in the past.

exactly this, michael keane could go back to burnley and be as solid as tarkowski in their system.


Player Valuation: £50m
it will only make sense if we sell Keane. Keeping 4 Center back and adding a fifth on 90k pr week is madness. That’s 5m per season and also hefty sign on fees. Senseless financial suicide.


Player Valuation: £70m
Has there actually been any confirmation we want him?

Or is this the usual couple hundred pages of nonsense before he signs for someone else?

Telegraph said we made him an offer

Bobble said we like him but haven't offered him a contract yet.

Lampard tried to sign him at Chelsea too

Lot of teams will be interested in him as a free agent


Player Valuation: £8m
Yes, obviously.

Scoring goals was definitely Burnley's problem, because despite conceding comparable to or fewer goals than teams finishing in European positions they had a goal difference of -19.

Also, It would be no surprise if De Gea was the Man Utd player of the season.
So with De Gea it wouldn't surprise you if he was their player of the season? That seems to point to their defence not being good enough in front of him and you'd take one of em? I understand people think tarkowski is worth bringing in I don't fair enough. Just because he might be free (he wouldn't given the wages involved which is also one area we need to reduce significantly with FFP) is not a reason to sign him.


Player Valuation: £50m
Committing big wages on substandard players who don’t generate profit and sit out their contracts leeching those wages has been a consistent throughout Moshiri’s era. I’m not saying this lad will be this, I’m just saying he’s not likely to generate a profit as he’s peaked and it just whiffs a bit of Ashley Williams.
And Distin.

And Allan

And Delph

And Rondon

And very soon Townsend

4 years contract? Madness!


Anyone who has in depth opinions about him is either blagging or genuinely watched a lot of Burnley. If it’s the latter, can you really trust the word of someone that unhinged?

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