Confirmed Signing James Tarkowski

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Player Valuation: £8m
I remember that in the 70s you would consider a player's career totally over when they reached 30.

Now we have players looking after their body much better and as a result playing to a high standard into their mid 30s.

Provided he has lived and trained well I've no concerns about his age and the longevity of the contract.
Distin springs to mind👍


Yes, I know that's not how to spell Allan
Don't forget the signing fee, there's no such thing as a free transfer these days. I think he is a very average player who, at best, will only be a marginal upgrade for us. I just hope that we haven't brought in someone who we find we need to move on and are unable to do so due to the length of his contract and the amount of his wages. I really don't see anyone else offering him big wages on a 4 year deal, still, I suppose that's why he is opting to sign for us as opposed to Villa, Leeds or Newcastle.
Like I say, total cost of ownership.

I think we're fine on this, honestly. We can't fill the squad with 22 year old prospects.


Player Valuation: £50m
Well he was excellent in the one season he played for Everton, unfortunately he was injured for a large part of the second season he was here.
True,but my point was more that as a 37 year old on a free he was value for money,much like Tarkowski might be if he does choose us to sign for. Even though he's 7 years younger.
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