2021/22 James Rodriguez

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Player Valuation: £70m
maybe, maybe not, we'll never know as it is now unfortunately obvious that in the 3 games he could have played in possibly (Brighton, Burnley, Villa), the club were still actively looking to move him on.
Yet the real problems on the pitch & in the squad are still here .....sickening.
This made me laugh on Twitter. You wanna know how much Benitez hates James? He shows up at Madrid, James is playing out of his mind, even scores to help Rafael win his debut, playing like this:

And Benitez is like "nope. Don't like it."

and was properly fired shortly for being the [Poor language removed] manager he is


Player Valuation: £2.75 and a Fredo
He was never getting game time under Benitez .
Without being able to say with certainty, I do think he'll have came in from the cold if he hadn't left in the window, but the ME window became the focus.

With COVID and everything else, we weren't risking him until all the windows had closed as it'd been agreed, by all parties, that moving was favourable.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
You don't half talk some crap.

The post literally said that benitez didn't have time to try and talk him round. Of course he had time to try. Him deciding he doesn't want to try is a different matter.

Did you actually take that as being "haven't got 5 minutes sorry"..... If so I think you need to read things in the theme they are meant.

I'll make it easier for you. Benitez wasn't bothered about trying to talk him round. You wanna go? Get gone. I'll spend my time on people who want to be here.

Benitez if you stop frothing at the mouth in your hatred for him actually did a full presentation to brands etc as to what the problem was in the club, what he was going to do etc etc. That's how he got the job.......

I'm sorry that we can't buy up the likes of James, Zlatan, isco, and pander to their egos..... You will have to do with the likes of Andros and Gray who look like they wanna make a difference


Player Valuation: £2.5m
What team do you support mate? Well it's a tough one really...... I loved Lukaku so I've got a soft spot for Chelsea now, now James is off to Qatar I've found myself up in the early hours watching him play .......
Not open for further replies.

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