2021/22 James Rodriguez

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I was Sapie88
Why would I bother? You wouldn't know them.



Player Valuation: £50m
What's with all the James love in here......yes technically he has it all in the locker. Physically and mentally he doesn't. Suited the Ancelotti slow game somewhat but is no way compatible with the Benitez style - simply doesn't have the pace or the application. And he was never worth £200k plus per week.
He's got a solid hairline and was an 85 on fifa a new years ago, that's all this lot need.


Player Valuation: £10m
I like Townsend, good lad, head screwed on and knows he's at a massive club.

Problem is, he's not very good and that's just a harsh truth. Rodriguez is so much better it's unreal, again not sure who's to blame but it's been clear from day one Rafael/the club didn't want Rodriquez so from day one they should have got in a replacement. Or at least said your not going anywhere till the winter when we can replace you
A journeyman I believe is the term used. Equally an 'honest pro' can also be interchanged.

Spadge Vernacular

Player Valuation: £30m
Well my suspicions were first aroused by the fact he was playing about on social media with no idea or care who we were playing.

The fact he would rather play for a club in Qatar than everton has just added to it.

You are correct mate, he was on the money when he said this a week back as we Everton fans do love him.

“Everton play on Monday, if they want to take me I’m ready, I’m looking forward to playing if it’s my turn.

“I’m very happy because the Everton fans have shown me a lot of affection, if I get to play I’ll play well as always.”

And he was spot on with this

"Firstly, we need to be fighting it out around the top of the league. The past two games haven't been as good as we would have liked but that's the Premier League.
"And that's what I want: for the team to play good football and perform at a high standard.

A true blue hero. 👍



Hang on so Benitez lied that James had pulled himself out with a muscle injury then? Or was this something completely made up? I did ask for clarification but got no response so I'm sceptical.

Bottom line is James doesn't want to be here, you could even argue that he never really wanted to anyway. I don't want players like that anywhere near the club.

Not open for further replies.

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