2022/23 James Garner


Player Valuation: £500k
He isnt a attacking mid. At best in an attacking sense, he is a quarterback esque midfielder.
Tbf I didn't call him an attacking midfielder. However, he is a different type of midfielder to those chosen ahead of him. Midfielders who who run around a lot, tackle and work their bollocks off. Traits you look for when holding onto a point or three.


Player Valuation: £150m
There’ll be more than enough opportunities for him. We’ll undoubtedly be chasing a game or have injuries at any point and he’ll be straight in.
I'd like to see him before the WC. The LC offers us an obvious chance, but I wonder if FL will start to look at the midfield resources and think he needs to rotate? We have the depth now, and we shouldn't wait for loss of form or injuries to force the decision. If there's one area we can rotate in it's midfield.
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