Confirmed Signing James Garner

Lee Smith

Player Valuation: £35m
Has anyone genuinely known about this guy before this rumor?
First I heard of him was a couple of weeks ago, I was watching The United Stand and laughing at the Mancs crying about another defeat, and his name was mentioned. They were moaning about Fred and McTominay (as usual) and were asking why Garner wasn't getting any game time in front of them, they all seemed to rate him and wanted him in their midfield, and seemed perplexed that Man U were thinking of selling him. So that's good enough for me.


Player Valuation: £6m
I mean, there are loads of people on here that support Everton but don't know who the youth players are.
I don't expect people to know the youth players.....but a youth player who has played a couple of first team games and had a very successful loan spell in the championship is different. That's like saying I don't know Ellis Simms.

Cameron Manning

Player Valuation: £35m
Them, kopites and geordies. Locked in eternal battle to see who are the most clueless bellends of them all. I'd have to give it to the Geordies as everything about them is irrelevant.
Liverpool and Man. Unt. once had their own set of fans mostly born in their own cities, now they have a large % of plastic fans from anywhere but Merseyside or Manchester, the Geordies are all basically from Tyneside so they are genuine Newcastle fans no matter what their IQ’s are and live for the club they were born with.
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