Its on!

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Lets see spurs whop the scum and then us put a faltering sunderland to the sword and reevaluate then. The scum are only 8 points clear at the moment, that could soon be just 5 points with the derby on the 6th of feb. Betting individuals might take a flutter on that game being benny-lid's last game in mock charge.
Anyway, next up Brum at our place, lets whack them like we should have in the league and get another home draw in the fifth round.

"Game on!"


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Always maintained that if we were within 7-8 points of Europe come the last 10 games, since we have a good-looking run-in, we'd have every chance. For the time being, let's take each game at a time. A win vs Sunderland is vital, and pick up what we can through a hugely testing February period.

TX Bill

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Ten points behind Villa in sixth and twelve behind City and Spurs in fifth and fourth!

Im predicting European football next season, whos with me?

You know me. I'm a big optimist but I just think that gap is a bit too big for us to close down. Add in our February schedule and I don't think it's possible.

But if I'm wrong, I will be the first to come on here and post that I was wrong and glad that I was.

I just don't think it's possible.


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We all know that it's at the back of all of our minds, Neil.

I think we'll miss out.

But COYBB!! ;);)

More confident now than I have been since September.

Nebs you know as well as I do..........sod it lets enjoy the ride with Wembley as a distraction COYB!


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Villa dropped like a zepelin last season after we smashed them in the FA cup. Lets not forget there are three or four sides fighting for fourth and they all play each other at least once yet, you watch how demoralisation and an injury or two kick a few yet. Lets catch the sh!tehawks 8 points above us at the moment and then look at the run in. Yak back from ANC hopefully fitter and less hungry for food but more hungry for goals, as well as Mik and Jags back full time. Seasons are always defined by the finish.


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Nebs you know as well as I do..........sod it lets enjoy the ride with Wembley as a distraction COYB!

The bad form made everyone pished, mate. But now what have we got to lose? And like Dunc points out, Villa fell like a stone last season. I'm feeling good ...

To mirror you (with an extra B).



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it's defo on, if we can take max points from wigan and sunerland and a further 7/8 pts from feb then yes we'll do it cos our run in is ******* superb, only tough games after feb are city and villa away. and if it comes down to the final game then we've got pompey at home to slap about.
we could even be in fourth by mid march if villa, spurs and city continue their down falls after xmas just like every other season before.
45pts to play for, we can easily take 41. no more losses and possibly 2 draws in feb.
oh how one win can make you insane.:blink:
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