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Spadge Vernacular

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It isn't fake fume mate.

The laws of his own country are quite immaterial. If slavery was acceptable in Senegal, we wouldn't be happy if he refused to condemn it.

The fact is he lives and works in a society where equality and rights are something we are striving to ensure are respected by all. Having a high profile figure refuse to support it undermines it.

There is no law which he says he has to, but there's no law that says we have to employ someone in his position.

Frankly, as good as he was for us, even if you want to debate the intricacies of this argument forever, the fact is that at 32, nearly 33, he isn't good enough to justify all of the negative publicity that would come along with this, quite apart from me thinking that his views here should preclude him from employment at Everton.

Muslims tend to have more conservative attitudes towards gender roles and homosexuality than the rest of the public, although many of these views were more widely shared by the British public as a whole not long ago. A majority (52%) of Muslims disagree that homosexuality should be legal in Britain.


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For those interested in stats.

When Gana left, he was top 5 tackler in Europe.

Last season, he was ranked 78 with 2.3 tackles pr game.

Allan was ranked 32 with 2.6 tackles per game.

Ndidi was amongst top 5 when Gana left, his ranked 6 last season.

Doucoure ranked 40, 2.5 per game.
That's due to playing g for a team where he is not as busy tacking as they have much more if the ball, so make of that what you will. I'm sure his passing stats will have gone through the roof compared to when he was here.


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Did sign Gana in my Fifa 22 career mode. Finished 5th with a midfield trio Doucoure, Allan and Gana.

Our squad depth is left to be desired and we have many injury prone members. I welcome Gana.

bring back the catt

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Slavery is accepted as perfectly fine in the Old Testament

Are you suggesting this is something we could debate is right or wrong?
In a way, we are all slaves in one form or another. Slavery still exists in many areas of the world.
There are obviously varying forms of slavery, which are massively wrong. We cannot re-write history, but if Gana is not actually practicing or preaching slavery, then I do not think this topic should be confused with his stance against his opinion on like-sexes..
I do not hold any bias to anybody who approves or disapproves of such matters as, I have already written, people have their own opinion and providing they are a good person, then let's get on with life.


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Just a reminder that have we all not complained about not having someone who does this role? Bites at peoples feet, energetic, team player.

We dont know how much he has deteriated with age as of yet, but if hes at around 80% of what he did in here then he's well worth it.

Can we just rewind back to this season?


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Tolerance isn't downing tools and refusing to play because there is a rainbow flag on the kit.

At a club where a large section of fans slate players for unconventional clothing styles or posing for a picture during their off-time it's amazing how willing, or tolerant, some are of a player who has refused to play because of their homophobic views.

A footballer with a history of downing tools because of homophobia. There's no hiding behind religious beliefs - I'm no expert but I'm sure the kits he has happily wore in the past had features that go against Muslim beliefs.

Slating a player for unconventional clothing styles is a form of tolerance. People don't approve of the clothing, criticize it and often ridicule it. Yet very, very few want those players run out of the club. Gueye comes from a region of the world where gays are regularly imprisoned, beaten or lynched. His own views on gays are at first glance an improvement on that. To me that's a win. You should look for people to improve. If they are a better person than they were 5 years ago then that should be applauded. Again, without knowing his innermost attitude to LGBTQ issues he at least appears NOT to have some of the more extreme baggage of the culture he grew up in.


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It's a debate you can have all day mate, but as I said earlier it's a slippery slope of a debate

Society say homophobia is wrong
It also says racism, paedophilia, murder, rape, burglary, etc are all wrong too

If there's a religion somewhere which says they're all fine, is it bullying to say you're wrong for following the tenets of that religion?

My opinion, for what it's worth is live and let live as long as there is no harm in it. People are different, societies in different Coutries are different different views can be acceptable as long as they are not hate related or have ulterior motives.


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Mate there are enough people in this country who would tell you to do one if you said 'wear this rainbow shirt' and you can't accuse them of active homophobia is they did tell you to FO.

Thats a million miles away from homophobia... conscientuiously objecting to support is not active opposition.

At the end of the day the UK is an open tolerant society, which lets people support LGBTQ++ rights but also allows freedom of religion without persecution (and therefore a section of society doesn't support LGBTQ++ community) - neither is a criminal offense.
Would it be an offence to refuse to employ Gana over his religious beliefs on homosexuality? Genuine question that, I have no idea


Player Valuation: £25m
My opinion, for what it's worth is live and let live as long as there is no harm in it. People are different, societies in different Coutries are different different views can be acceptable as long as they are not hate related or have ulterior motives.
But who says they are or aren't hate-related?

I could easily make an argument that Gana disapproving of homosexuals is hate-related

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