Hull Tigers v Everton. New Year's Day at 15.00.

Do you have a New Year's resolution lad?

  • Stop smoking

    Votes: 14 5.5%
  • Go the gym

    Votes: 29 11.4%
  • Be less of a tit

    Votes: 36 14.2%
  • F off Everton

    Votes: 175 68.9%

  • Total voters
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I see atm no preview of this match, well this is not one.

I would hope that the result tomorrow will give us a great New Year's day and especially for those fans who no doubt will make the long journey. I hope their faith and aupport is trewarded with a resounding win to give them New Years cheer.

Finally whatever the outcome Happy New Year to all on here and all Everton fans around the world.



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Chico is currently distracted to say the least.



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Luckily for us Hull went and won at Sunderland so there is not a drastic run of form to be ended, although they did then go and lose to the worse team in the league on form (Leicester) and did manage to stop us from creating a chance against them in the 2nd half the other week, so come on Everton you know what to do.

Ring master

Player Valuation: £90m
I am going for us to win 2-1,no idea why the way we are going, and injuries and the keeper etc lol but i have prepared myself for defeat if the worst happens i think.
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