How many points will it take too survive?

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5 wins max. Anything else is a bonus.

17 games left.
9 home games.

Only 30% of those 17 games to win.

Still got Brentford, Leeds, and Skunks at home. Watford away.


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Need to win as many home games as possible and hope for some lucky away results… not holding my breath

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We are defo surviving imo. Watford, Norwich and Burnley to go down. Newcastle will manage to stay up too, they look good.


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I reckon another 12-13 points with a better goal diff. than those around us should see us safe.

If we can't even manage that in the next 17 games then we deserve everything we get.


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Dominic Calvert-Lewin missing, Doucoure missing, Mina frequently injured, Godfrey out, Gray critical to any hope of success.

What's left is a carcass of a squad including key players playing well below par.

Can't defend set pieces

Get nothing from refs (see Shelvey tackle (one of several), penalty at Brentford (both ends), Spurs penalty cancelled, West Ham corner for winner questionable, No pen at Leeds (I think).. and on and on

So, lousy squad, awful (previous) manager, injury list as long as your arm, zero good fortune (see Mina an inch offside at Old Trafford)... it's a recipe for disaster.


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It's a really big ask now. Do we have the worst form in premier league history? It's got to be close now?

It's worrying how much more the Newcastle players wanted the win yesterday. Our mercenaries don't really care and that's why even another 12/13 points will be a massive ask.

Hopefully Lampard can somehow get a few wins.
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