How did you come to be an Evertonian?


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While it's no doubt been covered several times already, thought it would be a welcome break from the transfer angst.

Alan Ball once said "once Everton has touched you, nothing will be the same".
For me, this is absolutely true.
To give some background, I am a Kiwi as the username suggests, having spent all of my life there. Becoming an Evertonian in what can only be described as a rugby mad country isn't a common occurrence, particularly for someone like me who has no ties at all to the city of Liverpool.

My family are not interested in sport in the slightest. Dad who is a Pom, hates football. I was never taken to any sport game whatsoever.
However, from a young age I loved playing football. My first football memory is of being about 8 breaking an older kids leg on the school field.
The first football team I followed (if you could call it that) was Man United.
David Beckham was a household name down here and so many kids gravitated to United as a result, including my best mate.

Being footie mad, I pestered my parents for a football computer game and ended up getting an old FIFA (2003). I obviously played as Manchester United as they had Beckham. However despite being quite good at the game, one day I got beaten by Everton. I had a look at the players and was bemused by how such a rubbish team had beaten me. That was perhaps the first time I knew of Everton.
That kind of just simmered away, as I took interest in Leeds who at the time had Aussies in Kewell and Viduka, the next best thing to a Kiwi lad.

It would have been about 2006 when I decided Everton were my team. Tim Cahill (I think) was on the cover of FIFA, and Dad had told a story of growing up in the 70s and going to a public school in the NW of England. He talked of gangs of boys walking round asking if you supported Everton or Liverpool, and getting a thumping if you gave the wrong answer.
Cahill of course had been a hero for Australia on the world cup, and so it was a coming together of these factors and that simmering admiration of Everton.

Finally watching the news and seeing a Mikel Arteta screamer sealed it for me. Everton was my club.

That's my slightly off the wall story of how I came to be an Evertonian. Born, not manufactured. I did not choose, I was chosen.

COYB for the season ahead.


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