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Player Valuation: £10m
Off the top of my head that team was put together for less than 50 mil:

Yakubu ~10 mil
Cahill ~ 2 mil
Pienaar ~ 3 mil
Fellaini ~ 15 mil
Osman - Academy
Arteta ~ 6 mil
Baines ~ 3 mil
Lescott ~ 5 mil
Jagielka ~ 5 mil
Neville - Free / Nominal
Howard Free / Nominal

Bleach please
Baines and Jags for 8 million...
23m for Gbamin...
That piece of information alone should be enough to make a grown man cry.


Player Valuation: £80m
Bainesy and Seamus were bought at a snip...their LB, RB pairing would be worth around 75 million quid nowadays. Both are still in their prime and would be snapped up by any club with CL aspirations. Capn Jags?, yes, he would be sought after but I think valuations above 50 million are being seen through slightly blue tinted spectacles
Not open for further replies.
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