Happy Birthday GrandOldTeam!

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You've dropped a bollock lad, your mate and mine, a certain chap from Japan posted on here 29 Jan 2007, the very first post I could find and it was on last years derby match,


You said we could bump but in this case an explanation will do :rant::rant::rant::stick::stick::stick::stick::sleep::whip::whip::whip::whip::toilet:


Monty I have already explained this mate. See here

The forums were only visible to a select few a week or so before its official opening on the 5th Feb when the domain was sorted ;)

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I must have found this place not long after it started if it's only a year old. I can't even remember how I found it - I just remember being sick of the sanitised news on the official site, and the doom and gloom mongers on Toffeeweb.

Ah well, I may be a noob now, but in ten years time when this place is "the new football365" and there are thousands of members, I'll be one of the old school :D

Keep up the good work and keep the faith - this is a well designed site with well balanced opinions, I'll be sticking around.


p.s. Happy Birthday Forum! I'll have a beer for you tonight.


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blogman removes nappy (we are only one after all) and wraps it round ricardobees head.
then goes and hides behind mam


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Some birthday that was, it was like rush hour in a Dutch brothel, so many comings and goings. It is nice to see leeisfree eventually catch us all up, he is just one year late.

Here's to next year when I will flick jelly at Chico and push a custard tart in Micks gob

Well done one and all (ps, [Poor language removed] off Garry) well someone had to say it;););)
Not open for further replies.

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