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Player Valuation: £70m

David Moyes says Everton will try to re-sign Marouane Fellaini

• Manager says contract-extension talks under way
• Player's father says Chelsea will bid in the summer

  • Andy Hunter
  • Everton want Marouane Fellaini, right, to stay. Photograph: Tom Hevezi/AP
  • David Moyes has said that Everton have opened talks with Marouane Fellaini over extending the contract of the club's £15m record signing.
    At the end of this season Fellaini will enter the final two years of the deal that he signed when he joined from Standard Liège in 2008. Moyes is anxious not to lose the Belgium midfielder, who has reportedly attracted interest from Chelsea and Real Madrid.
    "I think talks have started now, even though I've not spoken to Marouane personally about it," the Everton manager said. "He's really important to us, part of the furniture here now, and of course we want him to stay. We did it with the likes of Jags [Phil Jagielka] and Bainesy [Leighton Baines], who are on long-term contracts. We want to keep building on that and obviously Marouane comes into that category."
    Fellaini, 23, is not expected to play again this season, after ankle surgery. His father and adviser, Abdellatif, has claimed that Chelsea will attempt to sign him in the summer.
    Moyes said: "Other teams wanted Jags and Mikel Arteta last year but we made sure we kept them. That's what happens when you have good players – teams will always come looking for them and there's no doubt Marouane is a good player. In the main the chairman [Bill Kenwright] has done a really good job keeping hold of players, so we'll see how we go with Marouane too."


Not open for further replies.

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