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GOT's Most Improved Player Award. 2009/10

Most improved player 2009/10

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Player Valuation: £8m
Who is your MOST IMPROVED player of the 2009/2010 season? Short listed below are the four leading candidates in my own opinion. I have excluded new signings from other leagues on the basis of being unsure how much Jonny (for example) has improved. If you are choosing the other option (hopefully I can work the new forum poll making thingy!) then please put who and your reasons behind that nomination.

1. Leighton Baines - Lack of real competition hasn't affected the quiet and industrious wee fella from Kirkby. Baines has had a fantastic season and been rightly recognised at full international level, most folk online feel Bridge's decision to pull out of the World Cup just made it easier for Capello to pick the right player to back up Cashley. Forming part of our most productive attacking partnership with Pienaar (who has just missed out on being on this list for me) he's been solid at the back in a season to be forgotten for most of the defense. Captained the side for the first time this season and will be closing in on 100 appearances for the Blues by the end of the campaign.

2. Marouane Fellaini - Had that two footed challenge by the Greek clogger Kyrgiakos not lead to the season ending ankle injury for our massive Belgian you'd suspect he might have swept the boards at the clubs end of season awards. Last season he was an enigma to both fans and opposition alike. Awkward, slow and a waste of money he was called in many quarters while his supporters (blows on fingers, rubs them on lapel) pointed to his age and potential for development as well as his goal scoring exploits in an unfamiliar role. This season he played most of his games in the holding role he has always favoured and prompted Moyes to call him "as good as anyone in the league". A few hacks scoffed, then watched him again and quickly binned their opinions. Man City at home was one of the most impressive midfield performances I have seen from a player in a Blue shirt and owning Bellamy was just the icing on the cake.

3. Jack Rodwell - Now it wasn't quite the break through season some of us happy clappers might have hoped for but Rodwell still managed to crank up the media hype around himself with some composed performances later in the season. Injuries meant Rodwell was a first choice starter at the start of the season and playing alongside Phil Neville in centre midfield put a lot of creative pressure on our rising star, at times that pressure was too much with passes going astray and an apparent loss of confidence. We can't forget the hospital ball that lead to Distin's sending off in the Goblet against Sporting but that is all part of the learning curve and Jack's is a steep one, we've got to expect him to stumble now and then. Next season is another big one for Jack and again we expect injuries to dictate where he'll get the most playing time but alongside Arteta and later on Fellaini Jack should build on the promise he's shown in the box to box role.

4. Louis Saha - While his performances later in the season have drawn some criticism he's gone from being a bit part sicknote signing to our leading scorer and put himself back in contention for a World Cup berth with Les Bleus. Double figures before the new year was an impressive goal scoring run (7 in 7 games at one point) and prompted the club to offer him a new contract going to 2011/12. A rolls royce of a forward "The King" has scored some peaches this season in his 15 goal tally and while his ability to play effectively every week is still in doubt he's certainly shown class is permanent.

Judging over the whole season I've got to give my vote to Leighton with Fellaini a very close second but who gets your vote?



Player Valuation: £15m

Never lets you down, really consistent and has chipped in with 8(i think) assists, and to top off his season, is heading to the world cup.


Player Valuation: £8m
an Fellaini wasn't?

joint leading scorer last season love
It's not all about goals especially for a midfielder though is it Goku mate? The criticisms Big Felli got last season were justified to an extent, if some of the kneejerk "waste of money - sell him" assessments weren't. Who gets your vote by the way?


Player Valuation: £60m
Leon Osman. I've never been his biggest fan. He hasn't been consistently at the level we would hope for, but he's shown in glimpses why Moyes rates him so highly. In particular, against Chelsea he was fantastic.

Seamus Colemole

Previously deathbyropeandglass
Its not best its most improved so it has to be fellaini, to go from an average player to what he did means he deserves it.


Player Valuation: £8m
Leon Osman. I've never been his biggest fan. He hasn't been consistently at the level we would hope for, but he's shown in glimpses why Moyes rates him so highly. In particular, against Chelsea he was fantastic.
I was very close to putting Osman in the top four. Again I've always liked Osman as a player but he's also important in the dressing room, as well as being a very able player whose intelligence makes him a good fit with the other midget gems. Played centrally he certainly had some top performances and changed quite a few opinions. Should be ahead of Cahill on current form. Deserves his long term place in the squad just hopefully not used on the right wing.
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