Gattuso. Next Everton Manager?

Would you have Gattuso as Manager?

  • Oh yes.

  • No lad

  • Think of the injuries and suspensions..

  • Not another sodding manager thread.

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The Sorting Hat

Player Valuation: £750k
Things seem to have gone a little quiet on the Gattuso front after some initial interest and our enquiries about him last time.

He is out of Management at the moment and really gets the whole Everton experience.

Him and Dunc would be excellent in the Dugout.

The Defence would be drilled within an inch of it's life
The Midfield would not shirk a single tackle
The Attack would not be falling over all over the place at soft tackles.



Player Valuation: £35m
walked out of Fiorentina after 23 days so he's got a wild streak in him

can't be worse than our last manager called Rhino though


Player Valuation: £1m
Seems a bit of a risk. Remember him squaring up to Joe Jordon in some European game, the loon. Mind you, a much younger Joe Jordan would have knocked him into the middle of next week.


Player Valuation: £35m
This and he basically said women don’t belong in football - not really a man I’d want associated with our club
Everton, first club to sign up to the “Her Game Too” campaign then appoint Gattuso, doesn’t really fit does it? Everton do plenty of things pretty badly but I can’t see this being one.
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