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It's important not to forget the absolute state we were in when Frank took over. It wasn't just a bad run of form. It was a complete and utter shambles and the fact that we've managed to somehow avoid relegation is incredible given where we were.

We've still been very patchy, but somehow getting this group of useless players across the line, getting the fans united again and beating the drop for me is remarkable and I'll never forget what this guy has done for my club 💙


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Now swing that axe Frank. Take no prisoners.
This is it.

No silly sentiment, lads. Not completely disgracing yourself over the last month is not a recommendation to continue an Everton playing career. The question to be asked of every Everton player is: are they of the physical, mental, and technical standard required? For all bar a handful, the honest answer is no. Realpolitik means we can't rid ourselves of everyone (no matter how tempting that clearly and rightly is), so in that case we give the benefit of the doubt to the younger players in the squad (Gordon, Mykolenko, Patterson). The mid-20s guys who have been here years have missed the boat (sorry Holgate, time to go). The likes of Godfrey get one more season. Then out. The crocks do not need a second thought. Purge, purge, purge!!!
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Yup changing schools as a kid can be quite difficult. don't blame Lampard and his family if keeping them in London is what works best for them
His kids are 3 and 1. I’m guessing it wouldn’t really disrupt their education if they moved


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I was very pleased when he was appointed, but did think that he maybe should have been promised the job and lined up to start when the season ended, while a firefighter came in on an interim basis. It did not seem the right fit for a looming relegation battle, but more like the sort for when a club wants to step up from a more solid position.

However, I really don't think anyone could have done a better job in uniting the fans, which has really been the big difference here. The football has largely been secondary, but Lampard has invested in his role in a way we haven't seen since... well, I can't even remember. Which is exactly how it should be for the manager of this club, and it's been great to see him throw himself into this.

Loved his interview last night. Poor guy now looks 2 years older than Moses, like.


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His kids are 3 and 1. I’m guessing it wouldn’t really disrupt their education if they moved

Think people are reading a bit much into his comments. Of course he misses his wife and kids, but football is always going to involve a lot of travelling. i don't think it means he's about to walk away.

He was emotional, relieved, and had been under pretty intense pressure for the last 3 months. I'm surprised he was able to give such a good interview after that, my head would have been all over the place. He just needs a break and time to recharge. He's only been here since 31 January, but it feels like a lifetime and he's probably aged a decade!


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Slowly slowly catchy Monkey. We'll have ups and downs next season for sure. But he did a job and to be honest with you the spirit showed by him, the staff etc. Has been nothing but sensational at times. Yes he's inexperienced but so was David Moyes let's not forget that. As long as we learn from our mistakes...

Yes board of directors I mean you!!


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He’s come in and saved us from what looked like could of been the end of the club but he’s got the whole club united from the top to the bottom and more importantly the fans. Be interesting to see who leaves but also who he brings in and see where we go with it


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Imagine uprooting your family for job unlikely to last 12 months.
Also he has kids with ex.
She will have no interest in moving for franks career
There was an article I read a few months back and had what I thought was actually a pretty valid point.
What if Everton based their training down south. Then traveled back up for home games and away games when they are up here. 2 bases if you will.


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….the man & the coach;

The Man; thoroughly decent, highly intellectual with the values and standards we need to repair the division his obnoxious predecessor created. Conflict in the dressing room, conflict with FF staff, conflict in the boardroom is what he has had to deal with. He breathed life into a dying carcus.

The Coach; I honestly think he’s been poor but we’ve survived. Perhaps it’s his intellect that considers complicated ways of playing but footy is a simple game. I’ve said he’s learning on the job, I hope he learns fast because we don’t want to be playing catch-up next season. So glad he turned things around at half-time last night, he deserved the leeway next season will give him.

Up the Toffees.

….it’s because they desperately care, Matey. The club took the fans to the edge, I’ve not been relaxed about it since Christmas. 2-0 down at half-time, the performance and team set-up was a mess.

But for corrupt refereeing decisions we'd be around 50pts...even after taking over when we were diabolical for months.

Hes done well...to say otherwise is bizarre.
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