2021/22 Frank Lampard


Player Valuation: £70m
He's been very calm throughout. What he has said has made a difference. After that Burnley game, I think we have 14 points from 8 games after he called the players out. But after Spurs away, Wolves away etc he has been very measured. Spoke about positives. Essentially didn't take the easy option of burying a group of players with very little confidence.

To get to 39 points, where where we were has been an incredible achievement really. I'm not sure anyone saw that. I thought we'd only need like 33 to survive.

Wierdly Burnley going on that unbelievable run made Lampard have to prove himself, looking back could be the best thing to have happened as 1. He's pretty much now got such a groundswell of support behind him since no other manager we've had since pre Moyes. 2. He's had to earn his spurs the hard way, all the things about he's only a front foot winner whose never had to dig it out against the odds etc, well yup now he has had to and the hard way. 3. He's managed to get a group of players with zero belief and confidence to come back from the dead, the run we've had the last 8, dunno if another manager gets that from this lot. Can't doubt his motivational skills and can't doubt thet he invested completely himself in this job, not a hint of him worrying about failing fir his career being damaged, but genuinely feel it was him wanting to do it for the club and fans first and foremost, and that's the kind of manager I want and this club needs

Mikey O

Player Valuation: £5m
I've held back from fully endorsing Lampard but after tonight's win and saving us from (a Benitez inspired) relegation he deserves 100% support.

This must be the massive wake up call that the club has needed.

We've got a decent core of players and with a few additions we won't be in the same position next season - reasons for optimism.

Frank will have learned a lot about the players, club and himself that can be used to good effect next season.

Well done Frank, onwards and upwards.
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