2021/22 Frank Lampard


Official GOT Joey Speak Interpreter.
Tactically clueless

We get into a great position to get safe and he blows it.

He's actually worse than Benitez isn't he, shame as I like him.

Gomes in a 2 man midfield. You utter clown lampard. Take you coaching badges and shove them up

Setting up for a draw against Watford and starting Gomes for the last two has now pushed us back to the brink. This is on him. He’s an awful manager.

If we can’t beat one of Watford, Brentford or Palace all with nothing to play for we deserve to go sadly

Get this fraud out

He's kinda crap isn't he

should be sacked at half time

Get rid of this clown if we lose today. Today is the turning point for me regardless we survive or not.

Any manager who starts Gomes does not deserve to be a premier league manager.

Hope for his sake he doesn't have any plans to settle in the N.W.
He needs sacking after Arsenal, his tactics are shocking. Playing Gomes in 2 crucial games when he has barely played and for good reason as he is one of the worst midfielders in the league he is a sackable offence alone

Barely. We lose more under Lampard, he’s also had the crowd behind him massively in a way Benitez never had. I’d wager that alone makes up for the tiny difference in their points per game totals.

The team feels more tactically clueless under Lampard imo, not that Benitez was much better.

This is just this evenings bellendery.

I’m gonna hit the vaults properly tomorrow.

Repent and you may be forgiven.

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Sweet mother of divine Jesus, i don't know what to say after that! What a comeback and what a win! We must make sure that this club never ever again, gets itself into this position though.

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