2021/22 Frank Lampard

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If we stay up then lampard isn't the one for me. He makes a lot of mistakes. The biggest one is not going for it at Watford and encouraging players to settle for a draw.

Watford showed nothing and got spanked by Leicester today. It would all be over by now. Then you are dicing with luck and we don't have any as seen today. You are also relying on fair officiating and it hasn't happened all season.

I think he's taken us down if I'm honest.
He can't control our brain dead players in the final third at Watford or midfielders not being able to pass 5 yards.


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He can't control our brain dead players in the final third at Watford or midfielders not being able to pass 5 yards.
Mate players were walking off the pitch when subbed. There Was no urgency in how we played. It was a joke performance. It was clear that they were instructed to be happy with a point

knowing your history

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Okay mate, you definitely wanted those subs at half-time.

Brentford were well on top before the penalty so the pattern of the game was already established.

In that situation another defensive minded player on the pitch was needed just to help out Iwobi for a start who was being overrun on the right.

Baffled Lampard did little but seemingly cross his fingers hoping it would be another backs to the wall grind like v Chelsea and Man. United. Much tougher to do when you've only got 10 men on the pitch for a start so you can't get up the pitch as much.

Actually feels like scoring the pen was worst thing to happen as I'm convinced he'd have done something if it had stayed 1-1.


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I have nothing against Frank but, for the first time since his departure, how I wished for Ancelotti bellowing 'NO FOUL!! from the touchline 🙄 All in retrospect though 😏


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The Watford game was the opportunity. Should've thrown the kitchen sink at them in the last half an hour. Instead we've had to try and do that against Brentford with 10 men.

With regards to today, I'm not sure if it was a tactical decision to be so deep second half but we were just waiting for them to score. It was Brentford not Barcelona, if we'd have engaged them more we'd have had a chance.
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