Florida Cup 2021


Player Valuation: £35m
Well we may be behind 1-0 at half time, but I think we have grown in to the game. There is a lot of energy in the midfield, it just needs to be more focused. Kean is working hard up front, but he needs to lift his head and look what's on. Great strike from Townsend to rattle the bar, hopefully we get a goal early in the 2nd half, COYBS


Please check with me for Blammo criteria
The FSW has no answers here.

not that he cares either way, he’s just along for the ride until he’s inevitably sacked.

It's hilarious isn't it Kev. A fair few know that the first half there is all the matters in this game before the sub farce at half time, and they've just watched our £100m+ a season in salary team get totally outclassed by the third best team in Colombia.

this is what we will get from the fat Kopite pig.

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