Florida Cup 2021

Sassy Colombian

Player Valuation: £70m
Nice that we won, even nicer that @Sassy Colombian 's first Everton experience was a win.

Better than my first Everton experience being Blackburn 1 Everton 0 in the 2008 League Cup :rant:
Tbh I was getting nervous there for a moment but I’m happy Everton won the penalty kick battle and now we finally have some silverware :)


Player Valuation: £70m
I’m absolutely made up with the brave lionhearts ‘bringing home the bacon’...make no bones about it; come season’s end, winning this silverware will be seen as nothing short of miraculous!



Member: Team PoP
@Sassy Colombian your sis missed out :eek:

On a serious note, nice to see the Colombian fans (and Yanks) get to see the players. A win makes for a nice day out no matter if its a friendly game ;)

Is it Pumas next ? Are they part of the cup or have we won and the Pumas game is a friendly?

Pumas is a friendly.

We have silverware. It's a spork. Kinda like silverware but not really.

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