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Player Valuation: £750k
It really is Usmanov, the silent owner with a absent owner as frontman, now that his money has dried up the future is very worrying, even if we escape on Sunday all will not be well unless we are sold.
Hopfully one of those Americans who didnt get Chelsea might by us for a challenge

You don’t want an American owner. They’ll want to run clean books and possibly turn a profit.
I don't think Everton really know what a DOF should do.

I suppose if the recruitment head reports to the DOF, then it could work. There will be layers of responsibility in businesses the size of PL football clubs. As long as the DOF is the boss and has final say then it could work in theory.

If it works it works but to me it's just too many voices involved there. Lampard, Thelwell, a head of recruitment + probs Mosh/Bill all involved in trasnfers is goingto continue the mess.


Super Frank hates the FAT KOPITE
Judging by Lampard's comments I think Mosh Man is taking a backstep going forward which is good news.

Provide the dough but let the DOF do the job.

Providing said DOF is upto scratch (unlike the previous bozo) then things should be looking up !
You mean the people he’s hired. Unless I’m mistaken and they just rocked up at Finch Farm on their own accord
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