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roy vernon

Player Valuation: £25m
Build the ground, sell the club for a profit to somebody who will employ competent people To run it and then our Iranian overlord can push off and take his fat Ukrainian mate with him. John Moores must be spinning in his grave watching these to incompetent cowboys performing.

The only thing that has been delivered with any degree of professionalism is the stadium project. It’s almost as if it’s the only real interest Usmanov has in the club and the one part of the operation he will not trust Moshiri with. We do seem to have employed a team who seem to know what they are doing to deliver the stadium.


Player Valuation: £30m
We are nothing like Derby. I think they have been a top flight club for about a quarter of my 28 year lifetime.

No one is too big to be sold by us. Moshiri has led the club to enormous regression so I think it's bizarre that you would defend him and claim he has stopped us becoming like Derby. Such a bizarre point, and I don't follow the logic.
I am certainly not defending him. It’s been a disaster. But I am also worried that we are teetering towards something far worse.

We are certainly in relegation trouble and if that happens, the stadium project will probably pause leading to other consequences.

The calamitous spending has put the whole club at risk, similar to the way it has happened at Derby.

The issue they are facing is as a result of overspending on a poor squad leading to a punishment that will relegate them, which in turn had caused the money to flee and they are unable to pay HMRC. They are about to be wound up, mainly as a consequence of the punishment inflicted by FFP.

If our stadium project fails, we are in debt upto our eyeballs. We can no longer offset those costs and so they also have to be covered by the club revenue rather than be investment. What will naturally tv follow is a fire sale, then probably relegation.

In short, I think we are screwed whatever we do.

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