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Player Valuation: £1m
He's right the authorities need to be very strong (with punishment). I think these club owners are toying with us testing the ground. American owners don't care for community they can take their franchise from one city move it to another. Moshiri needs Everton to be at the top table but not like this. In a way it could be good for us to give them sly digs stick the knife in.

Martin Alvito

Player Valuation: £10m
Wasn’t expecting that in all honesty, he’s gone at them quite hard

oh Simon Jordan is a tit of the highest order

It was obvious that we would be the leaders of the scorched-earth brigade. We have the most to gain, the most enmity, and in candor we don't need the scabs.

The problem is that not everyone else left sitting at the table is in the same situation.

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