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It's a very fluid situation. I think if we play most of the season in a 5-4-1 where the midfield two are players like Allan and Doucoure that don't really suit that system with or without the ball and the wide players are Gray and Gordon who don't have a ton of passing ability to support that midfield we're in real trouble. Thankfully that looks like a far off worse case now.

Gana staying fit and being decent raises our floor quickly which is also really good. I'm basically a caricature at this point but I think it will be necessary to use Iwobi in the center a good deal of the time. Without him the ball doesn't make its way to the opponent's end nearly enough and we play in our own half way too much. McNeil can hopefully help that, Gordon does enough as well but if you're playing some combination of Allan/Doucoure/Davies/Gomes next to Gana (I'm going to assume he's starting a lot) you're just going to fall short through the center. We have to make sure it is more 3-4-3 too. We did against Kyiv and you can see a major difference when we do.

And then McNeil just has to be good. Gordon stepping up would be helpful too but I'm just really intrigued by the idea of McNeil being the floating left footed playmaker off the right side.

Get the midfield right and have some decent work up top (didn't mention Dominic Calvert-Lewin, we need goals from him again) and the ceiling for the team isn't actually terrible. I doubt we can get Europe but I think we can be quite comfortable in the middle. The other side is not so good. And there is no depth again so injuries will just kill us off quickly. Start playing Holgates and Rondons and Davies for extended periods and you're right where we were last year.


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Hoping for mid table but with the lack of goals there's no guarantee. Also our squad is a bit weak there's going to be more games in a shorter period this season. Look at August there's six matches alone, so the squad will be important so we need a few more in.

Verbal Kint

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If we get injuries to certain players we will be in big trouble.

Teams around us have strengthened. Only saving grace is I don't think promoted teams are up to much. Fulham, Bournemouth will struggle. Teams like Brentford with Lewis Potter and now Dammsgaard to go with Toney seem to have bags of goals in them. We will struggle.

Sheedy's right peg

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I'm not holding out any hopes for anything much above 15th but I'd love to see some of the younger players break through into the first team and have a proper run of games.
Don't know if we've loaded him out but I really like Dobbin so would love to see him play some real minutes in the Prem.


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Just excited for the new season tbh, whether Saturday ruins that for me will dictate my mood for the rest of the season 🥲
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