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With all this talk of 'Shameless' Coleman's lucky winner this weekend, it got me thinking what a good goal should be judged on and what our 'best' goal this season has been.

For me it's Lukaku's vs. Southampton
Beautiful one touch football, a cracking finish and more importantly a winner!

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Barkley's goal at home to Newcastle to me was far more important because it was his first goat at home in the premier, and we absolutely ruined them.


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Personally it is about reaction to me. coleman on saturday is close but....

Oviedo vs united. I was in bed sick at the time and even i was jumping for joy when that went in. Fantastic moment for both us and for Bryan and there carried a lot of significance in the season when he scored.


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Baines second free kick against West Ham.. Just the way he hit it the other way.. why do that? Because he could and there was fk all anyone could do about it.

Finally got non Evertonians talking properly about his ability, and they were finally all watching him..... just as he became a bit meh.


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*puts on The Life of Riley

1. Baines vs West Ham (either really, second was better)

2. Barkley vs Swansea

3. Coleman vs Swansea

4. Coleman vs Southampton

5. Barkley vs Norwich

6. Lukaku vs Aston Villa

7. Lukaku vs Southampton

8. Oviedo vs Stoke

9. Deulofeu vs Arsenal

10. Mirallas vs Aston Villa
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