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Midfield and Defence looking night and day better than last season. If we can keep it tight, we definitely have match winners on the pitch.

We need wins so I can understand the pragmatic approach after going a goal up, but as the confidence builds we can start putting games to bed much earlier.

Iwobi... Unbelievably important to us. Tarks and Coady, assured. Midfield, steely.


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Does Martin Tyler mention everton every 10 mins when the rs are playing, because he shoe horned them into the conversation atleast 7 times during that game. Anyway great 3 points, at no point in the last 2 games was I worried we would concede. Our attacking play in the final third needs a lot of work tho.

knowing your history

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Gray by a country mile. The only goal thread in an uninspiring performance. Maupay's goal so was very good. Onana has to up his game a lot. Thank god Guye was there.

Yes that was Gray's best game under Lampard imo unless I've missed an obvious performance from last season. He was on it throughout whereas Gordon was on the perhipery.

Gana was good....however it shows the margins sometimes as he lost the ball when they hit the post. That goes in and you'd have endless posts of "too old" etc. Just needs to get up to pace again after four years in France but he showed all of his experience.
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