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Random query, but does anyone know if I can request a ticket to be printed on matchday in the box office if I turn up on Sunday with Photo ID / Order Number?

I ordered 2 tickets for me and my Dad through the resale platform a few days apart to be posted out but one never arrived, the Fan Services Team have sent me a PDF copy this afternoon but they've sent a copy of the ticket I already have and they only operate Monday to Friday.

My own daft fault for leaving it so late but trying to figure out a way of getting the ticket they've not sent me. Thanks in advance!

Martin Alvito

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Big tie. Need to smash these to build on the momentum from the Derby. They're leaky and struggle to score, so they're there for the taking. They seem to have found a bit of form, but netting against Danish and Romanian clubs is one thing. The league is another.


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Still lacking a threat up front but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be beating this lot at home, a loss or another draw at this stage would be terrible for morale. We’re showing discipline and strength, make the most of a set piece or catch them on the break. I think Gordon to score at some stage and Tarkowski from a corner.


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Need to start picking up three points. Whether Dominic Calvert-Lewin starts or not this game represents a good opportunity to take three points. Another draw or a loss will make for a very long international break
First game since the window SLAMMED shut on Gordon’s hopes of life in the West London circus.

I predict he’ll either shift his focus to playing well for us and getting his move next year, terrorising the Hammers’ defence, or he’ll realise his chance of that move went with the departure of The Crypt Keeper as Chelsea manager and he’ll have a good old sulk.

Seems like a good lad so I’m going for the former. He’ll get us going in the first half, and then second half sub Garner will plonk a perfect set-piece delivery onto the considerable melon of Onana to wrap up the first in a 22-game winning streak.

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