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Can't pick a man of the match between Virginia, Mina and Godfrey.

All of them put a good shift in, the gulf in quality is just too much. Especially with the injuries. A shame to concede the first the way we did but can't really complain about the result.


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I thought we had a tenacious showing but became less adventurous and relied on running the clock down, which hurt us not providing any reprieve from their sustained offensive salvos

Bullens Rd

Today was all about not embarrassing ourselves, so job done. Just a shame that that was our best possible outcome from a quarter final at home - to not get humiliated. When you've waited 26 years for a trophy what's another year? I think it'll be comfortably into 30+ years before we win anything.


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Can't fault the team for effort , Our best spell was the last 15 before half-time.
Realistically with the squad we have we were never going to win the cup with a last 8 containing the top four in the league.
Not to disappointed doesn't really count this year as it's not proper football without the fans


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Put in a huge defensive shift and eventually their quality took over and wore us down. It was unfortunate we didn't have James and Doucoure for this one but ultimately City are the best team in the country for a reason bringing on KDB and Mahrez while we bring on Iwobi that's your difference there. Well played Virgina the kid did well for a novice at this level.


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Panned out as expected, but the second goal flattered them. Not too frustrated because we are so stretched.
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