Match Thread Everton vs Liverpool, Goodison Park, Oct 4th, 2015

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Oh dear i wonder who's gonna replace Brendan,this was probally are best chance of beating them
They've still got all the chod they bought in his time there its not as if they've got a fantastic squad not playing for him

I'd have Joe Allen at SAFC if hes available for £250,000


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At the end of the day, me being full of Vodka and Gin, but oh well! The result is still the same. It shows we are no longer scared of this shower. We were 3 internationals down from our back line ( thanks @the esk ;) )
Martinez set it up right from the start. Their two biggest threats, Coutinho and Sturridge were nullified and as a result we should have won the game. We didnt, but a point is better than none against brenda's best 11! Yes, they are no more than a mid table side now but we still have a psychological barrier against them im sure. Hopefully more than a draw at Castle Greyskull will rectify soon as we register a decent 3 or 4 nil this will be sorted. Bye bye Brenda!!!


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I have no love for Brendan Rogers, but football has gone completely mad.
They are probably one win away from being in the top four and just about every team has had disappointing results all season.

Could it be that his job depended on the results of just one game.

At least Everton seem to do things in a slightly different way, long may it last.


Player Valuation: £10m
You would have thought Evertons kit man gave Rom a saddle today to wear. Skrtel and Sakho were all over his back, holding his jersey, holding his arms, it was horrible. I'm glad Rom gave Sakho a shove late in the game, was draped all over him the whole game.

They were there for the taking and Everton let them off the hook. Played a much better second half. Needed one good incisive pass to unlock them and unfortunately for Everton it never came. Need to show up against Man U now.
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