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Not unexpected that Gordon and Adeniran are in the squad, Unsworth said on Monday that he wasn’t allowed to pick them in their Mon night game. If our defenders , Holgate and Davies do their job we just might get to see them both playing . Neither could currently force their way into a starting line up , but both should be ok if required for a short period.


Player Valuation: £35m
Unchanged apart from Digne, Kean on the bench, I'm glad of that.

That Barnes played well against us last time as did Iheanacho


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This is shocking the amount of players injured/ill that we have at the moment...I know in the past we have been unlucky at times with injuries but not sure it has ever be as bad as this.


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....Adeniran is interesting, he might have to come on in central midfield. Really good athlete but lacks a bit of quality and can drift out of games. He might be fine for a cameo appearance, though.
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