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I like Delph but thought Holgate played the role quite well on Sunday. We could just do with bodies so we can make effective changes and keep the squad fresh though.
Thought we were under the cosh at Utd especially in the 2nd half mate.

Leicester also seem more ruthless than Utd - I fear Davies and Holgate will be over run as Utds midfield is nowhere near as strong as Ndidi' Tielemans and Maddison.

If we can get just one of Delph or Gylfi in there it would atleast give us some fresh experienced legs.

Think at best a draw and the lottery of a pen shootout but we'll see.

I fancy our chances against Arsenal much more with likely 1 or 2 back fit.


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Talk of Leicester resting Vardy with City and Liverpool to come. Believe it when I see it but anything they do I'll take as we will be as strong as we can

Dublin blue 75

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I reckon we can get them to extra time however our injury list make take its toll at that point. 2-2 90 mins. And 2-3 AET. I also worry Davies is a red card risk..


You're around another teams forum an awful lot.

This is kind of what I mean though. Every Leicester fan sees fit to sit on their high horse and talk down at Everton. Hate it.
I don't get it myself why would you go on another teams forum, ok pop in have a look see what's happening and go but to be constantly on it strange.


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But you are taking the same tone that I see all the time. Aren't there places where you can discuss your gang of diving cheats among yourselves? I'm sure the Spurs forums would welcome you. They're a club with a similar ethos.
lol OK mate whatever you say
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