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Player Valuation: £35m
Still can’t believe we let Tosun take our first pen after they missed theirs.

Still devastated.
Big balls on him to step up and take one, where was the captain? Keane? Davies? Would have fancied Richy to take one had he still been on the pitch and Iwobi likewise


Player Valuation: £8m
I would always prefer to go first in penalties, your not then always chasing. Cenk's miss was the one because from the momentum of equalising and then saving their first penalty it all went. You go 1-0 up in the shootout it does affect everyone mentally


Player Valuation: £70m
....depressing last night, still depressing this morning. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had a restless sleep. Everton do that to their outstanding supporters.

Can’t give MoM to Baines, I love the little fella but his penalty was woeful. Worst, though, was Tosun’s. I knew it when he went up to congratulate Pickford on his fine save rather than focusing on his own job. Tosun had the opportunity to put our heads in front, to put pressure on Leicester, instead the whole mood shifted. It was the pivotal moment, I knew then it was over.

Tosun showed; no conviction; no determination; no focus; no concentration; no guts; no technique; no idea; no practice; no power; no belief; no quality; no talent; no chance; no good.

Tosun is the epitome of a Steve Walsh signing.
Getting rid is another matter.


Player Valuation: £70m annoys me, Nobby, when a player shows absolutely no conviction. I was convinced when he ran up to take that penalty that he had no idea where he was putting it. They should practice, they should pick their spot and they should strike the ball with pace.

Every bit of momentum team had achieved was undone in that instant.
Goes to show from last night quite a bit of rubbish in the bin which needs emptying.


Player Valuation: £25m
ffs they drew Villa, what a missed oppurtunity, we could have easily eliminated them and reach the final, we were so close, Tosun and Baines should beat themselves this morning


Player Valuation: £8m
Gutted really am. I always look at this competition as something we should go all out to win, our league form is always up and down and let’s be realistic we ain’t going to win the league or compete for it a long long time. The fa cup is taken more seriously by bigger clubs therefor this trophy (which we’ve never won) is perfect for for us. I travelled from Leicestershire for over 3 hours to watch a awful first 45 minutes and couldn’t get my head round the performance especially after the Chelsea game at home the other week. Anyway a lot better 2nd half where I think if it half been a traditional extra time then we could of won it.

Pickford lacking confidence
Coleman reliable good on the ball
Keane no confidence looked a liability
Mina not best game
Baines was ok but ran out of steam, great goal
Iwobi useless
Davies good game but a few mistakes
Holgate ok game in a non natural position
Bernard offered Little
Richarlison Ok game no clear cut chances
Dcl worked hard as always but no clear cut chances

Kean worked hard but didn’t look the best on the ball
Tosun offered nothing
Gordon decent Hard working few minutes looked like he wanted it more than collecting a wage like others


Player Valuation: £70m
I think we just have to move on and think Ancelotti is coming in and the new stadium is edging ever closer.

Plenty to be optimistic about considering only a month ago we were stuck with Silva as manager, talks of Moyes and Hughes as replacements and no confirmation of Planning Permission being on target for BMD.

All we need is Usmanov to show his hand and things can look up - next season is the start lads lets just try scrape 7th and get into Europe next season.
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