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Player Valuation: £40m
And most of our better players out injured.

Tonight rested on the fitness of Delph, Sidibe and Siggurdsson. Had those been fit we would have had fresh legs in midfield, Holgate at the back instead of Keane, a proper shield of the back 4 and Sidibe whipping crosses into the front 2 rather than a hapless Coleman.

Soon as it was confirmed the same team as Utd you knew it was a massive ask.

Just got to hope the good times are around the corner under the new manager.
If Ancelotti comes in, it'll suggest that there's going to be money to revamp the squad and finally move on from the malaise that's engulfed the club since everything went south under Koeman.

It'll take a while to get shut of the expensive, overpaid crap that still haunts the place, but attracting genuine talent should become a much easier job with a high-profile manager at the helm.


Player Valuation: £70m depressing, just so depressing following the Toffees.
The one thing the club has to do is sort out the medical department.

We get way too many injuries and in games like tonight it costs you.

Imagine had Leicester had 8 players out tonight - we would have likely won that.
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