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Player Valuation: £70m
Another post based on someone who does not understand football.

Let's recall Leicester City who had an extra day rest over Everton. Anyone who knows football, bar you, would know that a 24 hour resting period over the opposition hands you a distinct advantage. Now stfu you clueless fraud.


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By the way....They ain't all that. They're nothing but a myth. Too many teams showing them far to much respect,us for a kick off. Any team willing to get in their face and upset them will turn them over. Not having them at all.

Sarnia Kevin

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It always amazes me when footballers come up short with penalties. The amount of money they're paid, you'd think it was basic professionalism to practise and practise especially before a cup match.

Of course it's different in a situation like tonight but still. When we were kids we'd practise pens till it got dark.
Does it amaze you when goalkeepers don't save penalties? The amount of money they're paid, you'd think it was basic professionalism to practise and practise especially before a cup match. Or didn't you think it was possible for a competent keeper to save a penalty?


Player Valuation: £70m
Just realised we were playing...and am disappointed with the result...but not in the slightest surprised. In about 35 years of supporting our brave lion hearts, they've disappointed in about 31 of them...(and I include 85-86 in the disappointed column)


Toffee in Jandals

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Probably the most positive I've ever felt after a loss, and a cup loss at that.

The fight we showed in the second half was something I don't think we've seen from an Everton side since the Moyes era. Must be remembered that we had virtually an entire XI out injured / ill playing against a virtually full-strength team who are second in the league, and our last sub was bringing on an academy kid for his cup debut to try and win us the game.

Galling to think where we might be in the league if we had showed this fight and determination from day one in August.


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Stunning come back top goals from Tom Davies and my hero Leighton Baines . Poor pen by Everton tonight. Gutted result.


Player Valuation: £70m
Ferguson is doing as well as could be expected under the circumstances, but this is a poor squad with a lot of players that aren't worth a place on the bench.
And most of our better players out injured.

Tonight rested on the fitness of Delph, Sidibe and Siggurdsson. Had those been fit we would have had fresh legs in midfield, Holgate at the back instead of Keane, a proper shield of the back 4 and Sidibe whipping crosses into the front 2 rather than a hapless Coleman.

Soon as it was confirmed the same team as Utd you knew it was a massive ask.

Just got to hope the good times are around the corner under the new manager.
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