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Main thing ancelotti has to do is try and keep the crowd like that. Waiting for train home, ankle absolutely [Poor language removed]. But my god worth it for that roar. Pure limbs in the lower gwladys.

Thing to take away is the reaction second half, give ourselves a chance and were unlucky. You'd normally bet your house on baines slotting a penno.


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Im not old enough to remember us winning a trophy so believe me I get the frustration.

But thats on Kenwrong - tonight was just purely down to injuries / no proper manager and tactics.

Huff anf puff and fist pumping only gets you so far.

This season is done - just hope Carlo comes in and he can buy some top players to push us on next year.
Another post based on someone who does not understand football.

Let's recall Leicester City who had an extra day rest over Everton. Anyone who knows football, bar you, would know that a 24 hour resting period over the opposition hands you a distinct advantage. Now stfu you clueless fraud.


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Just got back. Tough to take that, after an intense last half hour. 2 Terrible penalties from us.

that first half hour was awful, wrong tactics to let them have the ball at the back, as it slowed the game down and made us passive.

another 5 minutes normal time and we’d have won it, as they were flapping badly. Gutted.
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