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Ron Burgundy

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Showed a lot of character to draw level. We were the much better side 2nd half. 10 more minutes and we may have gone on to win.

A truly injury ravished team just went toe to toe with a supposed top team... again.

Are any of the injured players on course for the weekend?


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This. People applauding that they actually did what the should be an absolute minimum for 45 min does my head in. The players will go home and forget about it, they couldn´t care less. Probably happy to be rid of the extra games. Loser players, loser club, loser fans.
The easiest thing to do is to give it your all for 45 minutes when you´re two down at home. There´s nothing to lose. When it´s actually crunch time and you need to slot your penalty, you know we´ll come up short.


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Great spirit in the end but it paints over what is a blatant lack of quality, but not just that, severe incompetence and truly woeful footballing talent from Davies and Keane. They would be the first out for me, Championship players

Saint Domingo

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Support the Reds then biff. Aint rocket science - bet you were nice and quiet after DCL's second vs Chelsea.
Not really, just not surprised that Everton won the home game in the league that didn’t really matter but managed to bottle the away game at the top 6 and the more important home game in a cup quarter final.

The most predictable team in the league for finding ways to continuously disappoint their fan base.


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Maybe but tonight we were massively depleted, 8 odd first teamers missing. We came from 2 goals down and even the best team in the world can lose on pens. So Saying lack of quality is a bit unfair tonight.
We got back through sheer fight though, not quality. Two very good finishes but we could have easily been 4-0 down.
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