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Sterling is running the show. Koulibaly what a beast! Gordon and headers. LOL. Someone should tell him that he has to defend and press.
We have coped well, at this moment in time we will dominate Chelsea but imo we have played it pretty well. Also Koulibaly should have a yellow pace wise Gordon has the better of him. But in the air obviously it’s a massive mismatch.


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And it’s easy to look at the stats and say Chelsea were all over us because they had so many corners. The majority of them came back to back, not 10 different attacks that resulted in corners


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Thought we did very well for most of that half until Doucoure decided to man handle Chilwell. Utter stupidity although Chilwell went down very easily.
Got to feel for Godfrey. Looked a bad one. Thought Holgate did well when he came on.
Pickford got lucky on the disallowed goal. H/T 0-1.
Pickford is a liability at times right brilliant or rubbish flapping on most set peices does not control his box - his distribution has been shocking today ....


Super Frank hates the FAT KOPITE
Because he wasnt felled by Doucs. Doucs touched his arm and he jumped and just fell on the grass even tho there were no reason at all for him to do so.

Very sad we’re down by a goal, i think we played very well. Gray is clearly still about as sharp as a block of cheese, but i think the rest did well. Very impressed by Tark, McNeil also seems to be very intelligent with how he used the ball.
Mate, it was pen everyday and all day long


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I’ll be honest lads, it’s nice to watch a match and enjoy a beer without the impending threat of relegation over us.

It’s a long old season and we haven’t finished our rebuild yet. Our midfield could look a lot better by the end of the month.

All still to play for in this game too. INTO THESE!
Defensively we looked much better today than any point last season.

Saint Domingo

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Gray’s defensive work rate is still poor. Doesn’t take much movement on the right hand side for Chelsea to get a crossing position because he just gives up tracking runs after the first one.
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